Heeyoon Lee
 Program Director / SparkLabs Korea

Director Hee Yoon Lee oversees the accelerator investment and program at SparkLabs. She discovers promising teams and services from the early stages and invests in seeds, and manages a 16-week mentoring program to help the company's portfolio grow in compression.

Previously, she worked as a brand and community leader of SparkPlus, a SparkLabs portfolio company and a co-working space. Prior to joining SparkLabs, from 2012 to 2016, she worked at the Asan Nanum Foundation, a non-profit organization affiliated with Hyundai Heavy Industries, and was in charge of planning and operating MARU180, Korea's first co-working space for startups, accelerators, and venture capitals.

At the same time, she has a network of various initial venture capital and startup ecosystems at home and abroad, based on her experience in investing in Chung Ju-young Angel Investment Fund', a fund of funds of the Asan Nanum Foundation.

Director Hee Yoon Lee double majored in sociology and business administration at Korea University and completed a major in Management at the Royal Holloway University of London as an exchange student. She has been in charge of the accelerator division of SparkLabs since 2018 and has been investing and carrying out follow-up management in services, consumer goods, commerce, and biology sectors until now.