Eunbit Jang
 SparkLabs Group
VP of Communications

Eunbit Jang is a communications professional in the technology industry, with expertise in content marketing, traditional PR activities, and events. With 11 years of field experience, she has been supporting over 200 early to late stage startups with their communications and marketing efforts.

Following her passion to support startups around the world, Eunbit currently works as a Vice President of Communications at SparkLabs Group, one of the largest innovation ecosystem builders across the globe. This unique network of accelerators and venture capital funds has invested in over 300 companies across 6 continents since 2013.

Eunbit develops proactive and reactive communication strategies, handles media around SparkLabs’ corporate issues, and supports portfolio companies with their communications and marketing. SparkLabs Korea hosts the largest startup demo day in the world with over 2,700 attendees, and Eunbit has been crucially in charge of the PR and Marketing for the last 9 events.

Prior to joining SparkLabs Group in June 2016, Eunbit worked as a Communications Team Lead at Yanolja, the fastest-growing unicorn in the travel sector, in Asia. Yanolja provides total service for travel including accommodations, leisure, and transportation. Before Yanolja Eunbit worked with some of the 1st generation tech startups and venture companies in Korea for many years, helping them to build company brands and share empowering stories with the world.